Research Interests

Our research interests fall in the areas of distributed systems, networking and security. We are particularly interested in the design of efficient, reliable and secure communication systems with a focus on Internet of Things, group communication, mobile networks, wireless sensor networks, peer-to-peer networks and cloud computing.

In each of these areas, we identify and solve practical and theoretical design problems, related to network architectures, communication protocols and algorithms. We analyze the performance of the proposed solutions through simulations (Network Simulator, TinyOS, Omnet++, Opnet, PeerSim, etc.), theory (stochastic processes, queuing theory, optimization techniques, mathematical modeling, etc.), and test-bed developments

Research Fields

  • Wireless sensor networks: energy saving, efficient data dissemination, secure data aggregation
  • Mobile ad hoc networks: efficient and secure routing, localization, energy saving
  • Cloud computing: secure and efficient data storage
  • Network security: key management, secure routing, trust models, privacy
  • Internet of things: access control, privacy issues, architectures
  • etc.